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Author: Ashley Harrell - November, 2020
Ashley Harrell experiences a Guided Forest Therapy Walk with certified Forest Therapy Guide, Justin Legge, in the Humboldt Redwoods. 

The crew here were a bunch of characters! It was a great time sharing how to experience Forest Bathing with them, and I love the way this video came out. This is a great simple description for someone that has never learned of the concept before.

No, a towel is not required!

Although, a wise person once said, "Don't Panic, and Always Carry a Towel."

Author: Gohyeon  - Lonely Planet Korea  - 2018
The Humboldt County Redwood Coast was selected by Lonely Planet as a Top Desitnation in 2018! It was great to get to explore with some of their writers who visited all the way from Korea! 

“Justin Legge, a dream guide for Redwood National Park...Discover the sublime charm of nature in the mysterious forest protected by Redwood National Park.”

Author: Heather Greenwood Davis - November, 2020

National Geographic Travel Writer Heather Greenwood Davis and son, explore with Naturalist Guide Justin Legge through the world famous Fern Canyon. 

*Winner of 2016 Best Family Feature!! * 

"There was a moment when I thought I’d lost him, only to look up and find him high above me sitting in the cradle of an overturned tree, Legge at his side pointing out birds overhead. From my vantage point they looked like the lost boys from Peter Pan: happy and free."

Author: Sarah Sekula - February, 2020

“The relative size of the trees, diversity of species, and specific phytoncides found here make this the ideal location to try forest bathing,” says Justin Legge, a certified forest therapy guide with Redwoods Adventures. Don't worry: Nobody's clothes come off for a forest bath. Instead, Legge explains, participants "slow down, awaken our senses and restore our relationships with ourselves and the land.”

Author: Tanvi Chheda - May, 2022
Tanvi and family explore the ancient Redwoods with Naturalist Guide Justin Legge. A Private Guided Tour is the best way to get the most of your experience when visiting this complex ecosystem. 

Author:  Justin Legge - August, 2022
A topic that is always at the top of the list when it comes to learning about Redwood National Park. This article was shaved down from many many pages, please reach out to learn more. This is a very complex situation. There are many places in the ancient Redwoods I would love to share with you, that will highlight the reasons behind my opinion here.

It was a great pleasure to join our Local PBS station in supporting this program! Long time local resident was able to finnally see the glorius Fern Canyon after living in Humboldt so many years! Even locals are known to take this place for granted, and it might surprise you how many places there are to explore! 

Travel Journalist from ABC 10 News reached out to request a Naturalist led experience in beautiful Fern Canyon. I really love how the were able to edit in my favorite scene from Jurassic Park 2! Although there are many areas I think are as beautiful as Fern Canyon, if you want to visit the scenes from Jurassic Park 2, this is the place to go! 

Sharing my favorite of all Sequoia sempervirens with Travel Journalist John Bartell. Although he only wanted to visit the world famous Fern Canyon, I was very proud to be able to convice him to also visit this magical grove!

Author: Marisa Meltzer - April,  2021
"We didn't see any elk, but we did find Justin Legge, a lanky, fleece-clad naturalist who would be our guide on a trek through the park. He led us on a hike that included rapidfire asides about the 19th-century naturalist John Muir and his enthusiasm for the German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt. Justin told nonstop jokes with a loud, infectious laugh, pausing to pick and smell laurel leaves. He and Windy immediately liked each other, talking as I trailed behind about whether people from The Wild Trees still lived in the area."

Exploring the old growth of Redwood National Park with Host Solji from Voice of America Media. This was loads of fun, Solji of course had never experienced being amongst such giant trees!