A perfect place to sit and wonder.

Nelson Road connects with Hidden Springs Trail making a loop. 

The fall rains bring a plethora of fungi! 

Eel River meanders through the Redwoods along the Stone Pathway and Stairway, my favorite part of the trail. 

Lichens abound on the trunks of the Redwoods! The bright greens pop out on these rainy fall days! 

The Alders and Maples along the River cooridor showing the beautiful fall colors. 

Rivendell of the Redwoods! 

Hidden Springs Beach Trail combines elements of an ancient Redwood Forest with the magical, enchanting atmosphere of Rivendell from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. A mystical fall and winter time experience. Although this trail does not have the biggest trees in the park, this area is always quiet, serene, and a most glorious place for Forest Bathing. 

Hidden Springs Beach Trail in Humboldt Redwoods State Park:

Located towards the Southern end of Avenue of the Giants, Hidden Springs Beach Trail winds through the heart of an ancient redwood forest, located in a remote, secluded valley. As you step onto the path, the air is filled with the earthy scent of moss-covered trees, and the soft, dappled light filters through the dense canopy overhead. The spring water gurgles down the slope, keeping the earth constantly saturated. The forest floor is blanketed in a plush layer of emerald moss, which muffles your footsteps and creates a serene, almost otherworldly ambience.

Rough Skinned Newts and Chorus Frogs can often be found in the moist understory here. 

The trees along the trail are ambassadors from an ancient time, their trunks adorned with thick, gnarled bark that seems to whisper stories of centuries gone by. Rays of golden sunlight penetrate the canopy, creating an ever-shifting tapestry of light and shadow that dances across the forest floor. The gentle gurgling of Hidden Springs Creek, lined with smooth, round stones, accompanies you as you follow the trail deeper into the woods. A magical stone pathway and stair will lead you out of the forest, and down to the Eel River.

Moss-covered boulders, draped with delicate ferns, provide resting spots, and you may even come across a quiet grove of ancient trees that appear to be standing in a circle, their roots woven together, as if guarding a hidden secret. The air is filled with the soothing sound of birdsong and the distant murmur of the creek.

Although Hidden Springs Beach Trail is not Rivendell, it shares some similarities with Tolkien's mythical elven sanctuary:

Enchantment: Like Rivendell, Hidden Springs Beach Trail exudes an enchanting, otherworldly aura. The ancient redwoods and their mossy surroundings create a sense of timeless magic.

Tranquility: Both places offer a sense of profound tranquility and peace. The natural beauty and serene environment make them ideal for contemplation and reflection.

Connection to Nature: Both settings emphasize the connection between their inhabitants and the natural world. The redwoods and the elves of Rivendell are closely tied to their respective environments.

Hidden Sanctuary: Hidden Springs Beach Trail, like Rivendell, is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the world. It's a place of refuge and serenity, where visitors can find solace and a deeper connection to nature.

A slow walk though Hidden Springs Beach Trail will make you feel as if you are meandering through the mythical elven realm with its enchanting, tranquil, and nature-centric qualities, making it a most magical place within the Redwoods.