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Redwood National and State Parks

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About Me

Justin Legge is the most experienced, knowledgeable, and professional Naturalist in the Humboldt Redwoods. Let me help make your visit to the Redwoods an unforgettable experience! Specializing in Private Tours of Redwood National Park. 

$250 for Half Day Tours of groups up to 7 people.
Groups larger than 7 people inquire first. 

 Specializing in Private Tours of Redwood National and State Parks 

My programs are for those that want to make sure they have the best experience in Redwood National Park through learning the deep ecology of Sequoia sempervirens, and ensuring to find the most significant and hard to find locations. Whether you have read many books about the Redwoods and have specific places you want to experience. Or you are just in love with the idea of experiencing the ancient forest, and want to make sure you find the best parts of this complex park system, I am here for you! 

10+ years experience leading Naturalist programs in all Ecosystems of Humboldt, Justin is formally trained as an Interpretive Ranger with the Forest Service, Certified California Naturalist, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Certified Interpretive Guide Trainer, and Certified Wilderness First Responder. 

Available and Accessible for all humans of all types. 

Let me help you build an amazing Humboldt Redwood Coast Vacation plan! 

Reviews - Google & TripAdvisor 

"We had an awesome experience with Justin because he is very knowledgeable about the giant redwoods and so caring and kind - and spiritual in his presentation. He is fun and energetic and was totally flexible in accommodating our family of 21. He taught us about what we could see and feel, the botany and the ecology, and also what we couldn't see - the underground connections and the history, politics, and economy of the redwoods' story. After an exhilarating hike in amazing grandeur and beauty, Justin leaves you with a new love and appreciation of our precious old growth redwoods. "

"This is the only guide we would recommend when visiting the Redwood Forrests.

Justin Legge will show you places and provide history that will make this a one of a kind experience.  Justin's love for the area is infections!

We recently toured with Justin in 2022. Our friend Glenda was granted a wish of a lifetime to visit the Redwood Forrests.

Justin catered to Glenda's needs and abilities. He was the perfect guide for us!

I hope to make it back soon with my family.

Thank you for everything!

Glenda sends her love! 

Reach out via email to learn more and schedule an experience! 

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