Workshops and Professional Development

Group Forest Therapy Sessions

Forest Therapy Guided Experiences are a great way to bring your group or team together, in a very different manner than your typical Team Building Workshop.

Introduction to Forest Therapy: How to Share with Others

Interested in learning more of the conceptual practice of sharing Forest Therapy experiences and the benefits of Forest Bathing with your community, business, friends, or just for expanded knowledge?
I stronlgy recomend joining a Forest Therapy Walk as a participant before this step, but can also be taken without.
You will leave with a "Tool Box" to help you share Forest Bathing and the benefits of Forest Therapy Experiences with others.

Interpretive Guide Training

Learn the conceptual background of leading an Interpretive Naturalist Walk.

One-On-One consultation and Professional Training available. Pricing, length, and program location depend on desires and needs of the client.

Group workshops for volunteer organizations that do not have any Interpretive Guide Experience also available. Interpretive Guide Training Workshops are 2-Day, Classroom Only, or 3-Day Classroom and ending with Field Experience.